Castel Hortenberg

Today the Castel Hörtenberg is a place of today, full of life where exclusive comfort, esthetic sensibility and excellent service are one. A place where there is no room for sentimentality but where one lives in the present. In its most beautiful form.

In the heart of Bolzano city, they present themselves “as a historical haven where luxury is to feel at home”. Here the hospitality is authentic and genuine. In a charming corner of the city centre stands proud of a Renaissance castle. Surrounded by four majestic towers Castel Hoertenberg, at a glance, looks out of time, a peaceful and quiet oasis a stone’s throw away from the buzzing city. The Castle has a long and exciting story and as every good tale a happy ending. It began over 500 years ago when Leonard Hiertmair arrived in the city of Bolzano transformed the estate, located in one of the city’s oldest neighbourhoods, into a mansion. He became Mayor of Bolzano and lately, he received by the emperor the title of baron changing his family name from Hiertmair to von Hiertenberg and later in “von Hörtenberg”. In 1862, since there were no male heirs, the Castle was bought by Hieronymus Giovanelli related to von Hörtenberg Family through his wife. The Giovanelli family owned the Castle until the XX century, its location and its importance make of it one of the landmarks of Bolzano. The Giovanelli’s personally and financially supported the Tyrolean revolt, and in 1808 and 1809 Castel Hoertenberg became the headquarter of Andreas Hofer commander of the insurgents. At the turn of the century, between XIX and XX, baroness Maria Giovanelli von Hörtenberg Zu Gertburg marries Baron Ludwig von Fuchs, and Castel Hoertenberg becomes part of the von Fuchs estate. A few years ago the owners sold it to the Podini family.

A new life for Castel Hörtenberg

The Family entrusted the renovation project to Anna Podini, the youngest one within the real estate family. The latter, together with her father Alex, has overseen every single step of the project. Her youth and a cosmopolitan upbringing, along with the support of a team of architects, has made the difference, giving Castel Hoertenberg its unmistakable allure. A mix of ancient history blended in with an urban style and traditional craftsmanship. Today the Castel Hoertenberg is a place of today, full of life where exclusive comfort, esthetic sensibility and excellent service are one. A place where there is no room for sentimentality but where one lives in the present. In its most beautiful form.

Rooms & Suites

Castel Hoertenberg today is an exclusive retreat, where elegant ambiences, comfort and an excellent service meet. The Castle features different types of rooms and suite, each one unique and different. The Comfort Rooms are cosy and refined with panoramic windows overlooking the Dolomites. A relaxed atmosphere, a comfort zone, they are the perfect accommodation for short breaks. The Superior Garden Rooms are in the park with a tranquil view over the gardens and the swimming pool. A separate building with cosy and comforting spaces overlooking the Castle. The Deluxe rooms are elegant and posh with views over the park or the Dolomites. Located on the main floor, called “piano nobile”, and within the castle towers, the junior suites are spacious and airy with sophisticated decor. The magnificent Loft Suites, surprisingly large with cathedral ceilings, are located on the top floor of the Castle with breathtaking views over the Dolomites, whose rock turns pink at sunset. The large bathroom features a private sauna. The Stuba Suite is the perfect blend of history and modern design. A separate living area with an elegant décor features an ancient majolica stove, the “Stube”. Frescoed ceilings in the bedroom and a stunning view over the park.


Spa – or Health through Water, is based upon its roots in the Roman civilisation and brings with it the cult of Man and Beauty. Love for the body discovered since centuries can be considered a gift that the ancient populations have transmitted to our modern epoch. In this place, the sensibility is stimulated to put us into contact with the sensations of nature and the elements that surround us. The way to do it and the indicated treatments in this splendid renaissance castle from the XVI c. allow us to defend ourselves from anxiety and daily stress, giving us a sensation of pure inner well-being as part of nature waiting to be discovered.

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