Exhibitors page info 2024

As The Appointment 2024 swiftly approaches, we’re excited to offer you an incredible opportunity to maximize your exposure not only during the event but also before and after.

New for this year, each exhibitor will have their own dedicated online page, accessible year-round. This means that if you happen to meet someone during the event who wishes to reconnect but has misplaced your contact information, they can effortlessly recover it.

You can see how it looks like using the link below:

To get started and make the most of this feature, please provide us with the following:

  1. Additional Images (Minimum 6, Maximum 12): These visuals will help you showcase your offerings effectively.

  2. Video: Adding a video can bring your page to life and make a lasting impression on your potential connections (video sharing link).

You can use this form to send the requested information and photos, otherwise send an email to: mail@theappointment.live

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