Latin Trails

Latin Trails is more than a travel company it is a curator of extraordinary journeys. Specializing in bespoke travel experiences in Ecuador, the Andes, the Amazon basin, the Pacific coast, the iconic Galapagos Islands, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, Latin Trails is committed to offering your discerning clients a collection of unique, immersive, and authentic adventures.

Our Offerings: Luxury Experiences: Latin Trails designs tailor-made journeys that redefine luxury, combining opulence with cultural immersion and breathtaking landscapes.

Illustrious Accommodations: As the proud owner/operator of ILLA Experience Hotel in Quito’s historic San Marcos district, Latin Trails ensures that your clients experience luxury from check-in to check-out.

Galapagos Extravaganza: Latin Trails boasts an exclusive fleet of yachts, including the Seaman Journey and the Petrel, providing an unparalleled experience in the world-renowned Galapagos Islands.

First and Luxury Yachts: Acting as General Sales Agent (GSA) for many first-class and luxury yachts, Latin Trails opens the door to a world of indulgence for your clients.

Amazon Oasis: Just a short flight from Quito, the upgraded 5-star Hakuna Matata in the Amazon reserve offers a unique blend of conservation and sustainable economy, providing an unforgettable escape.

Why Choose Latin Trails.
– Expertise: With years of experience, Latin Trails understands the intricacies of luxury travel in South America.
– Customization: Each itinerary is meticulously crafted to suit the unique preferences of your clients, ensuring an unforgettable journey.
– Local Connections: Latin Trails’ strong local connections guarantee insider access to hidden gems and exclusive experiences.
– Sustainability: Committed to responsible tourism, Latin Trails embraces sustainability practices across its operations.

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Exhibitors will be able to plan their agendas over a 2-day period from Tuesday, November 23, 2023, to Friday, December 22, 2023.

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