Marugal specialises in the conception, launch and operation of unique premium hotel properties. Our hotels reach a balance between capturing the essence of their cultural and geographical environment and offering a coherent concept that transmits high quality, uniqueness and impeccable service while maximizing the owners’ return on investment.
Within the hospitality industry, Marugal is specialised in the luxury segment; 4 or 5-star small to medium-sized properties.
A successful balance between advisory and operational excellence has led Marugal to develop trusted personal relationships with hotel owners.

Specialists in Luxury

At Marugal we create unique concepts that offer each client an authentic and unforgettable experience. Our projects are deeply connected to and inspired by their cultural and environmental surroundings, whether it is a Mediterranean nature reserve, a chic street in one of Europe’s capitals, the cradle of haute cuisine, or a listed domaine in France’s Loire Valley.

Committed to the Planet

At Marugal we strongly support and foster sustainable development, working every day on a management model that allows us to grow responsibly, while at the same time caring for the well-being of society and of our planet. This sustainability strategy is part of our DNA and has contributed to the success of this choice since the start of our adventure more than 20 years ago.
Our commitment to the planet is based on respect for local culture and heritage, care for the environment, and social responsibility. Three fundamental pillars that support all the projects we manage.

Social responsibility

We support the Zero Mile Policy, working with local suppliers and generating revenue opportunities for the community. The products served in our hotels and restaurants are locally sourced and fair trade certified. Moreover, we favour seasonal organic products ensuring animal welfare.

We are committed to generating job opportunities in local communities; furthermore, we foster educational programs and facilitate work among people at risk of poverty or social exclusion. By providing job training for materially deprived young people, we offer them the opportunity of learning a skill and future work in one of the hotels we manage.

We also collaborate with local Associations of People with Disabilities, offering job training and the possibility of employment in the hotels.

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The Appointment Supports Small, Authentic, And Unique Local Hotels And Suppliers.


The Appointment is a virtual workshop with 30 plus one-on-one 20-minute appointments over a two-day period, January 23 – 24, 2024. It aims to enable suppliers to present and introduce travel advisors to their hotels and experiences.

Exhibitors will be able to plan their agendas over a 2-day period from Tuesday, November 23, 2023, to Friday, December 22, 2023.

The Appointment will host also a webinar dedicated to the destination and 2 newsletters.

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