The Appointment
Exhibitors Manifesto

All exhibitors are requested to approve and sign this Manifesto to show their commitment to the travel advisor community.

The Appointment Community respects the importance and the role of the travel advisors across the globe, and recognise their importance as partners and ambassadors to The Appointment exhibitors.

Respect the role and function of Travel Advisors. Travel advisors are partners.

The role of travel advisors is fundamental to the hotel’s success. Their most important quality is that they are knowledgeable. They know their clients’ needs, have their trust, and are able to find the property that would suit them best.
Travel advisors cover a larger audience of potential customers than any hotel can do and should be an extension of the hotel sales team.   They are able to showcase properties in a meaningful way to prospective clients.

Offer rate parity

Rate parity is critical because disparity cuts into hotel profits, confuses customers, and causes tension between distribution partners. Rate parity shows hotel’s professionalism with a consistence and serious message throughout all distribution channels.
Although, at times, third parties cannot be controlled, pricing published on the hotel’s website and GDS should always match.

Pay commission promptly

Prompt commission payment is essential, since travel advisors are partners, and this is their income. For a relationship to thrive both parties must succeed.
Make sure that, if an invoice is required to proceed with commission payment, to provide the advisor with all the necessary information when confirming the reservation.

Acknowledge customers that book with travel advisors by offering amenities.
Make the travel advisor look important to you.

A small amenity, a welcome note from the travel advisor is a simple gesture that goes a long way and makes all the difference. It’s a statement that demonstrates to the guest that the hotel partners with their advisor in order to ensure that their stay will be a memorable one.

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