Palazzo Talìa

Fresia Hotel&Resorts opens a new hotel on Largo del Nazareno.

In a Historic Sixteenth-century palazzo, the site of one of the most ancient boarding schools in Europe dating back to the mid-1500s, a 5-star superior hotel will open in Spring 2024.
The real places are the ‘timeless’ ones, the ones whose spirit extends beyond all trends, their success is built first and foremost upon word of mouth, the quickest and most important form of communication, and the most powerful compared to social and/or other media. But it is also the most difficult to earn, because it arises from a common understanding, a feeling shared by people who love to spend their time there. People come spontaneously to places they like.

The Palazzo

The building, the seat of the Collegio del Nazareno since 1689, stands between Largo del Nazareno, Via del Tritone and Via Sant’Andrea della Fratte in a historic sixteenth-century palazzo owned by the Fondazione Collegio Nazareno, run by the Piarist Fathers, the Vatican.
The building is the result of an aggregation of constructions that began in the early sixteenth century. This process may be clearly read in the many distinct parts that constitute the main façade, which extends from Via del Tritone almost all the way to the church of Sant’Andrea delle Fratte.
From an architectural point of view, the most ancient part of the building is the one facing Largo del Nazareno which will be part of the hotel.


The building, which is of unquestionable historical value, stands in what is one of the major tourist areas of Rome, if not the most significant of all: 200 metres from Piazza di Spagna and 250 meters from the Trevi Fountain.
The ground floor and first floor display eminently prestigious surface finishes. From the hallways to the rooms, and to the majestic Sala Grande, the decorated and frescoed walls and ceilings, and the many artefacts and artworks contained within in, not only enhance the artistic value of the building, but heighten the interest of an upmarket international hotel clientele as well.
The building not only enjoys a unique interior architecture, it can also rely on an ample inner courtyard dedicated to dining and catering services.

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